The Girl Let's Heal Mission

My mission is to have a community of healed women all over the nation, so that women will learn how to become their best and most valuable asset in life. 

It's important that we understand energy is the best way to manifest & attract the life we want. No more will our past trauma, oppression, depression, mother and father abandonment, bad relationships trauma, manipulations, lies or methods of controlling have a place in our world! We will stop suppressing and acknowledging them and start healing, the time is now!!!

“We will have a community of healing and healed woman when it’s all said and done".


Upcoming Events

Join us at our upcoming events that continue the Girl Let's Heal mission to empower women of all ages

Lantern Release at the Beach

Saturday July 23rd

Join Girl Let's Heal for this FREE event!

Meet us at the Isle of Palm beach where we will be releasing lanterns (provided), and in turn we will be releasing our past hurts, traumas, anxieties, and anything holding us back - so we can move forward healed and ready to be who we are meant to be!

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Girl After Dark Pajama Party

This event will be located in a hotel conference room setting so it is a completely a safe space for us to learn about each other, talk about life and enjoy a lot of laughter!

You will gain a greater understanding of how women from different walks of life think, from a panel of amazing women talking about life after life stripping, women with multiple kids, workout coaches, married women, single women, shoplifters, mistresses, truly all walks and colours of life! These are woman who want to share their story of how they completely turned their life around or how they kept life the same, lessons learned, and more!

You don’t want to miss this exclusive event! It’s going be raw and uncut so get ready to celebrate with other women and connect in a way that you haven’t before.

This event will sell out so get your tickets now and secure your spot!!!

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Our Charlston Event Sold Out & Was Amazing!

Let’s just say, Girl Let's Heal Definitely operated at a level of Excellence and we left nothing on the table ❤️‍🩹 If you weren't there, you missed a special day BUT it’s never to late to start your healing, and you’ll have a chance to join the experience at our next events coming in April and July!

SOLD OUT - 2022 Women's Retreat "New Rules"

  • “Choose higher over the familiar"

  • “When it’s all said and done, we will have a community of healed women“

  • "Get your energy right to attract the life you want!"